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Welcome to the HSAS literary magazine! Here you will find a wide array of works of art and literature, all created by the talented students at the High School of American Studies.

Our school is teaming with creative minds just waiting to be unleashed, whether within the flowing words of a poem or within the many perspectives of a single, thoughtful, black and white sketch. It can be difficult to allow ourselves to share personal pieces with the public, but the Speakeasy is a place where you can take the chance to open up and express yourself. Every student’s unique voice plays an important role in defining the collective character of our school. Share yours! 

What can I submit?

The Speakeasy accepts a wide range of submissions from all genres, including essays, poetry, and short stories, as well as less traditional forms such as open letters and comic strips. Feel free to submit any creative works that you wrote either on your own or in class.*

How do I submit?

To submit, email your creative writing or art to speakeasyhsas@gmail.com

For more information, you may email any questions that you have to the email address above. Feel free to reach out to Jordan Goldberg, Kiana Low, or Jillian Louie directly.

*Please note that only students currently enrolled at the High School of American Studies are eligible to submit work.

Where is the newest edition?

Great question! It’s in the News bar, the Archive tab, and the bottom of this page.

The Speakeasy, Vol. 5. 2019