bodies echo dreams of stars

By Jillian Louie (‘20)

i have more to say on the topic of dreams,
of a likeness shrouded in cloudy days and marked despair.

wispy soul,
what lurks in the crevices of your world worn brain?
the answers to the questions never spoken?
thoughts on the purposeful things that entwine themselves in your veins?

humans believe
their happiness is unique to their bodies.


your body has existed for millennia,
born of stardom and debris,
happiness has graced your soul before you have even begun to exist.

sadness has too.

worsening, worsening,
a brilliant dream strikes at the very worst time,
stillness of a pond shattered by the eureka you erupt from sudden heavy hearts.

when a dream comes forth in the murky know-nothings of a teenager’s lungs,
there is a fracturing snapshot of their state.

be gentle with your body,
gentle with your mind.

it has been young once before.