Father’s Day

By Jesse Weiss ('18)

A spellbinding sequence of scales float through the air. The subtle but steady rhythm flows effortlessly, reverberating through the walls into my room. “QUIET, he’s sleeping” yells mom, breaking the trance. I slide out of bed, and assure dad that his strumming is


By Alexa Sklar ('18)

It’s the night before an exam.  It’s a rather an important exam, worth 15% of your semester grade.  You knew about this particular exam weeks in advance but you were totally busy and had no time whatsoever to study.  I mean, who would?  A new season of


By Maayan Rosenfield ('18)

A dusty flurry topped the ice-covered mountains as my cousins and I embarked on our dangerous expedition. Our clothes already clung to our sweat-soaked bodies, despite freezing temperatures. We stood just ten steps past the base of the mountain we were