By Jack Oberlander ('20)

It was the Summer of 2018, the Summer of Jack. I had driven back out to Toledo, and the boys and I were ready to make moves. The entire school year, a big group of us had planned on going to Empire, a small town on the coast of Northwestern Michigan.

The Other Humans

By Felix Liang (‘20)

Are Homo sapiens really that special? So much of our religious, political and social ideologies revolve around this question. The claim that we are is common, because for as long as WE can remember, we have been the only human species on Earth.

Father’s Day

By Jesse Weiss ('18)

A spellbinding sequence of scales float through the air. The subtle but steady rhythm flows effortlessly, reverberating through the walls into my room. “QUIET, he’s sleeping” yells mom, breaking the trance. I slide out of bed, and assure dad that his strumming is


By Alexa Sklar ('18)

It’s the night before an exam.  It’s a rather an important exam, worth 15% of your semester grade.  You knew about this particular exam weeks in advance but you were totally busy and had no time whatsoever to study.  I mean, who would?  A new season of


By Maayan Rosenfield ('18)

A dusty flurry topped the ice-covered mountains as my cousins and I embarked on our dangerous expedition. Our clothes already clung to our sweat-soaked bodies, despite freezing temperatures. We stood just ten steps past the base of the mountain we were