Blue Light

By Jonah Frere-Holmes (’18)

When she heard the man’s bark, the old woman was in front of the TV, solemnly rocking back and forth as The Price is Right gave off its blue glow. She heard the man, assertive but too excited, jumpy or new to his job. She heard a chorus of primal, electrified shouts, the

Ma Petite Chérie

Victoria Siek (’18)

Miss Myra Stevens was a dainty girl of seventeen years of age with beautiful chestnut locks and a fair complexion. Many of the lads wanted to marry her, but she loved only one. And that was her dear deceased husband Harold Stevens. They had one beloved child, a boy,

The Infinite Tragedy

By Sarah Baum (’18)

We all are cold, lost, and alone
In this dark, dang’rous place.
Where disasters and murder