By Jack Oberlander ('20)

It was the Summer of 2018, the Summer of Jack. I had driven back out to Toledo, and the boys and I were ready to make moves. The entire school year, a big group of us had planned on going to Empire, a small town on the coast of Northwestern Michigan.

The Prologue of Hansel & Gretel

By Ama Anwar (‘21)

i. FROST COATED BODIES laid in the forest, breathing when they were surely thought to be dead. It was only the beginning of a long winter's wrath, and their small shaped limbs were slim to the bone, with only snowflakes scattered across hollow cheeks and wispy hair.

The Other Humans

By Felix Liang (‘20)

Are Homo sapiens really that special? So much of our religious, political and social ideologies revolve around this question. The claim that we are is common, because for as long as WE can remember, we have been the only human species on Earth.


By Emma Kushnirsky (‘22)

The world was ready to die. And so it did. It stopped fighting, and from its death sprang forth beauty unrivaled by any before. A world that the old ‘uns would’ve killed for. They did.


By Emma Kushnirsky (‘22)

I put my everything into you. She mouthed this, her words forming a bubble in front of her that disintegrated in a manner of seconds, letting its contents escape and dribble down her chin, to fall onto the baby that she looked down at.


By Emma Condon (‘20)

The grand, old townhouse loomed before me. In my mind, the threshold between the street and the floor was some metaphorical turning point. The inside was everything I imagined it to be. Darkened by wooden walls, the place was musty.