Road Trip

By Lucy Brewster (’18) 

Nobody was surprised that Julie was lagging behind. Julie’s dad honked the horn and sighed, as her mom, Anne, screeched out the car window, “Juliette! You’re putting us behind schedule! Get in the car.”
Julie reluctantly strolled out of their two story white suburban house, already putting

Father’s Day

By Jesse Weiss (’18)

A spellbinding sequence of scales float through the air. The subtle but steady rhythm flows effortlessly, reverberating through the walls into my room. “QUIET, he’s sleeping” yells mom, breaking the trance. I slide out of bed, and assure dad that his strumming is

Fire Island

By Callie Samton (’18)

After the rain, the island was mine. The ground was damp, the air smelled like salt water, and the bay was still dark and brooding. The pavement was dotted with puddles, like oceans to our eyes. The sunlight came through the mist in ethereal tendrils, bathing the

Picture Frame

By Lucy Brewster (’18)

an empty picture frame resting on a shelf
why is it blank?
it was not always by itself